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Invisalign or Veneers


Dr. Bardawil is an invisalign® officially certified trained Gold provider for adults and teenagers in Beirut,Lebanon.

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Invisalign has been used to treat over 1.7 million people worldwide. Due to the growing rate of Invisalign clinical experience, providers in Australia are now treating an ever increasing range of complex orthodontic cases with Invisalign. So if you’ve been told before that you aren't suitable for Invisalign, contact our office today for your Invisalign consultation. Maybe you can have that beautiful smile you have always wanted without having to wear braces?

 Getting veneers is considered more of a "quick fix" than using Invisalign and veneers have some distinct draw backs.

Attaching veneers involves permanently removing the entire front surface of the tooth’s enamel. Then the veneer, a thin piece of specially-shaped porcelain or plastic, is bonded over the front of your teeth. This process is irreversible.

Veneers, however, are not a permanent solution. They are made of ultra thin materials, which mean they have a tendency to chip or break requiring the veneers to be replaced regularly on an individual basis, which can be expensive. Even if they don’t chip or break, they have a limited life-span of 5 to 10 years, depending on the quality of the veneers purchased.  Since the tooth enamel has already been removed, patients have no choice but to routinely replace their veneers, incurring the same high costs every time they have to get a new set.

It’s important to remember veneers are purely a cosmetic treatment. They are simply a mask or facade for your teeth. They do not correct the health problems of your teeth. Instead of straightening teeth as Invisalign does, veneers simply cover up imperfections. Invisalign alternatively offers you naturally beautiful, healthy teeth.

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