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Before and After

'' photo courtesy of the American Association of Orthodontists."


These are actual, unretouched before-and-after photos of orthodontic patients treated by Dr.George Bardawil in our offices located in Beirut-Lebanon.

  case 1:    

upper protrusion.non- extraction treatment.

  before   after
  case 2:    
  canine impacted in bone,blocked lateral. No space.non-extaction treatment.
  before   after
  case 3:    
  orthodontic treatment+gummy smile.check gum result.
  before   after
  case 4:    
  complete deep bite+canine in place of lateral(transposition).
  before   after
  case 5:    
  bilateral high canines+bilateral .posterior crossbite.
  before   after
  case 6:    
  open bite+posterior unilateral crossbite.
  before   after
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