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Common Problems

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When a person's teeth or jaw structure do not fit together properly, orthodontic treatment may be necessary to straighten teeth and promote ideal function. Bite problems fall into three classes of malocclusions.These problems, often referred to as bad bites, can cause speech difficulty, premature wear of the teeth and protective enamel and even increase the chance of injury to teeth and jaw joints, if left untreated.

Underbite(class 3 malocclusion)

The lower jaw is too large or to far forward. Or the upper jaw may be too small. Then the lower teethclose in front of the upper underbite is most often caused by a skeletal malocclusion.


Spacing problems may be caused by missing teeth or they may only be a cosmetic issue.
Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

The appearance and function of your teeth are impacted by upper front teeth protrusion. It is characterized by the upper teeth extending too far forward .

Normal bite with crowding(class 1 malocclusion)

The jaws line up with each other, but the teeth have insufficient room to erupt from the gum. Crowding can often be corrected by expansion, and many times, tooth removal can be avoided.


In a crossbite, the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth, which may cause tooth stratification and misaligned jaw growth.

Overbite(class 2 malocclusion)

In an overbite, the upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth, sometimes causing the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.

Some of the back teeth close Properly,but the frontteeth don’t meet. openbite, in which the upper. Openbites may be caused by habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.

Dental Midlines Not Matching

Dental midlines that do not match are evident when the back bit does not fit and match appropriately. This may negatively impact jaw and proper dental function.

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