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Oral Hygiene


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Now that you have your braces in place, it is just as important to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen throughout the length of your treatment as it was before.
Braces, wires, bands and retainers can all trap food particles and make it difficult to brush or floss away plaque. Careful brushing and flossing, preferably after every meal and snack, is the best way to prevent plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum disease.


1.Brush the outside of each tooth, using a circular motion. Then brush the inside.
2.Brush slowly between the brackets and gums. Tilt the bristles into the gums, and brush using a circulkar motion. Be sure to brush the gums around the front teeth,too.
3.Clean the top of each tooth with back-and-forth motion.
4.Carefully brush your tongue.
5.If your teeth andappliances don’t shine, start over and brush them again.


1.Floss at least once a day. The floss needs to be pulled under the archwire. A floss threader facilitates this. Thread the floss through the threader.
2.Pull the floss between two teeth, work it up and down under your gums. Repeat between every tooth, then rinse.


When you are finished brushing and flossing, rinse your mouth carefully with fluoride mouth rinseor an antiseptic dental rinse.
A fluoride mouth rinse can help prevent tooth decay. It can also help keep plaque from building up around your braces and leaving marks on your teeth.
An antiseptic dental rinse can help minor gum inflammations and irritations from orthodontic appliances. Also used to cleanse canker sores, minor wounds and other mouth and gum irritations, this mouth rinse removes debris, enabling natural healing to occur.

Interproximal Toothbrush

An interproximal toothbrush is another aid you might find useful in keeping you teeth, braces and gums clean and healthy. It can be used to clean under orthodontic wires and around braces. Use this device slowly and carefully, so you do not damage your braces.


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